Lee's Custom Canvas & Upholstery

Mission Statement

At Lee's Custom Canvas and Upholstery, top end quality products are

used in manufacturing. With that you are ensured to receive a product that

not only looks great but will stand up for years to come. We realize you

spent a lot of time and money choosing your investment, that is why we

create a product that is tailored to your needs.

How We Began

With over 40 years experience, Dave and Brian Lee are third generation upholsterers. The family patriarch, BR Lee, started the legacy of upholstering in downtown Seneca, SC back in the late 40's. His sons dabbled in the business with one taking this skill to Anchorage, Alaska. Gene Lee worked in canvas and upholstery in Alaska during and after his service in the US Army and then moved to the Twin Cities in Minnesota where he continued. In the mid 1980's, Gene and his son Dave became partners in the industry. They opened and operated Auto Dimensions and Beroun Canvas out of Minnesota. Locally, Brian continued the family talent through the creation of Village Canvas back in 2004.